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Online Telematics designs, integrates, implements, and maintains advanced wireless sensor network and tracking solutions for commercial, industrial, and public sector customers.

We connect data acquisition and location sensors to the enterprise in innovative and compelling ways and across a broad spectrum of applications. Our solutions unlock the value of sensor data -- transforming it into powerful business information enabling our customers' operations to lower costs, improve efficiency, and speed the reliable delivery of critical business data...More



Online Telematics, a leading provider of infrastructure and value-added system integration services for wireless sensor network applications, today announced the launch of SAMTEX an enterprise platform for developing wireless sensor applications....More

End-to-end infrastructure for connecting sensors to the enterprise

SAMTEX is a telematic exchange that connects wireless sensors to each other, to wide-area networks, to databases, business information systems, and ultimately to people. Based on a tiered approach and built on industry standards, the SAMTEX platform ensures secure and efficient delivery of information from wireless sensors, across local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet to people and processes that rely on timely and accurate sensor information to perform their functions...More


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